Advice on ov testing

have'nt been on for a while but I am back.
For those of u who don't know me I had ammc in feb nd have bin ttc eva since. we have tried the laid back approach bt nt managed to gt pg so have nw decided to try ov testin. Only problem is I dnt have a clue wot to do!!!!!!!!!
Any advice?



  • I haven't used them yet but have some ready for next mth if AF finally decides to show her face! On mine, you start using them on a particular day of your cycle depending on how long it is, and test in the afternoon or evening. you shouldn't drink a lot for a few hours beforehand. You don't test in the morning and this can give you a false reading. If you are using ones with lines, the 2nd line that comes up has to be the same colour or darker than the control line to show pending OV. If it is lighter then it is a negative result. I am not sure what ones they are - but there are some that give smiley faces when it is due- might be CB?
  • i use them. they work as immense says but if you have lots of the cheapy ones i would recommend testing twice in a day because i tested at lunchtime on thursday and got bfn then at 6pm got a positive on them! (and mine weren't the cheapy ones!). so it can be difficult to catch your surge.
    good luck hun xx
  • I used them but they were nearly ??20 for 7! I tried them in the first month i came off the pill and tested in my ov week I either got no result or a negative so didnt think id ovulated but my period came at the right time, so thought they were pretty useless, since then all we've done is have sex lots and hope as not wasting another ??20! I read that an egg only lives for 12 hours so i think maybe as Mrs e said it may be better to test twice a day.
    Good luck hunni xx
  • Hi there
    I used ov tests to conceive my first 2 children - they were clearblue (but not digital - the ones where 2 lines show up).
    These were great and really helped. But, am ttc number 3 without any luck - even using ov sticks again. Have not had a +ve on any of the tests (have used CBD and access diagnostics ones so far this time) but I am sure I ov'd due to ewcm (sorry if tmi!).
    As the other ladies say, I think your surge is around for such a short time you have to be quite lucky to catch it. If you want to use ov sticks, I would suggest you also keep checking cm and bd each time you get ewcm even if no +ve on ov test.
    Good luck
  • thanks for the advice!! i have bought 50 tests for ??9 so will test twice a day!!!!
    Good luck everyone
  • I got 50 for around the same price on ebay - I am going to use them next mth - and twice a day by the sounds of it - if AF arrives that is!!
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