Well my PMA lasted about 3 days


Back to having NO PMA :roll: Been having AF/OV pains since OV the pains never went away and now there feeling like AF pains........ Nothing elce bit of CM but nothing appart from that.......

SO i am waiting for the witch and at least the 5 image bottles of wine i have for xmas will be drunk image

Gems xxx


Month 16 TTC #2


  • Hi Gems - hang in there - the pains may be a good thing. I am due AF on the 22nd - keeping fingers crossed she stays away.
    Like you, I feel if she does arrive at least I can eat, drink and be merry over Xmas - small consolation I know - would much rather be getting excited over a BFP.
    H xxx
  • Gems hunny, I'm sending you all of my PMA, I don't need it yet and you can borrow it until you get you BFP which WILL be THIS christmas image xx
  • :lol: Thank you image

    Just wish i knew what the pains were for.
    Hoping i have my BFP but feels more af ish im my lower tum ????
    Thank U ladys xx
  • Fingers crossed that its a lil bean trying to settle hun xxx
  • Hi gembags I am 8DPO and have been having crampy belly pains and have alot of cm today is this my af? due 21st and already tested at 7DPO with a BFN!!

    Im new to this so please excuse my naivety!! I just wanted to add that it aint over until the witch arrives hun so have a bit of PMA xx
  • Hello Gembags!
    It's not over yet until AF arrives (at least that's what I'm telling myself!). Seriously, the pains may be a good sign. I hope so, as I've been having AF-like pains for nearly 2 weeks and AF is due 17th. Good luck and my fingers are crossed for you. Lots of babydust xxxxx
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