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Hi, I'm new to the site and wondered if anyone could offer some advice. My partner and I decided to start trying for a baby in May. I'm 34, my LMP was 9th May and I am normally a clockwork 25 day cycle. My probable ovulation date was 19th May. I had 4 days of brownish discharge before my first period was due along with headaches, swollen and tender breasts and cramping. I went to my GP on the first day I missed my first period. The blood test came back negative. I left it for 2 weeks, still no period, my GP told me there was no way I could be pregnant and she prescribed antihistamines that clearly stated do not take whilst pregnant. Two weeks after missing my first period, I had very light bleeding for 36 hours. I went to the FPC where they did a urine test which was also -ve. They advised me to have a smear test and a few minutes after inserting the speculum, the nurse removed it and dashed out of the room. When she came back she said she had spoken to the Dr after noticing that my cervix had gone purply, a possible sign of pregnancy. She still did the smear test and told me to wait another month to see if my period came. I have now missed my second period by over a week. The light cramping and headaches I had for the first 5 weeks after ovulation have subsided but my breasts are very tender and I have gone up two bra sizes. I also now have lots of blue veins running over the sides and underneath. I feel pregnant and my tummy is starting to look rounded (I am normally very flat). I don't really know what to do next. My GP and FPC seem to think I cannot be pregnant because of the tests but my body is telling me otherwise. Please can someone offer some words of wisdom on what might be happening? I feel like I'm going crazy.


  • Well if you are in second month you would be around 8 weeks? You could pay the ??75 private fee and get a 'well woman' scan/early pregnancy . Other than that a few of the other girls on here have had a BFN for a few months but been preggers xxx
  • Thank you. Yes, I'm potentially 8 weeks post ovulation. I was thinking about a private scan but I'm so confused about why the tests are -ve. My GP made me feel like I was going insane, I have found it quite frustrating and upsetting. Can anyone recommend where I should go for a private scan in the South Yorkshire area?
  • hi there
    didnt wanna r+r but i hope you find out soon whats going on.

  • hiya lightweight ! where abouts in south yorkshire are you? sorry just being nosey!! and the same as madforno5 said i didnt want to read and run, but for your own sanity i hope you find out soon whats going on! xx
  • Hello Chloe and Cheryl, thank you for your quick responses! I'm out in the sticks a bit in a lovely village 10 miles south of Doncaster. I'll try to get a scan done somewhere next week. I don't mind travelling to get it done, I really need to know now, I've tried the waiting game for two months. I've even had to get night time support bras as they are hurting so much now. I've never had much of a cleavage before so whatever is going on, my partner thinks it's great! x
  • found this place mentioned on another board
  • My mum had purple cervix with each pg - it is definitely a sign! Some people on here have not had +ve test until 14 / 16 weeks pg!! With all your symptoms it sounds very much like you are pg. I would bug your docs to give you a scan / ultrasound to look inside - if you are pg something would be showing by now.
  • Hi there
    Def sounds as though you are pg with those symptons. As the other girls have mentioned, the best thing to do is get a scan as this will give you a def answer.

    You shouldn't have to go private (although this will prob be the quickest way!) - most general hosps with a maternity dept have early preg units where they can scan people from 6 weeks to check on progress of pg. I would call up local hosp and ask if they have scan facilities.

    Might be a bit naughty but if doc won't refer you, you could always say you are having stomach pains and suspect you might be pg - would they mind doing a scan for you to check what is happening?

    Good luck and hope it is a BFP
  • Thank you all for your advice. I got really excited about going to babyview for a scan but when I finally got hold of them this morning, I found out they only do scans from 20 weeks. I found another one though in Barnsley called babybond and I have an appt on Monday 14th. It's frustrating to have to wait another week but I'm looking forward to it. Has anyone else experienced similar symptoms and not been PG? I can't understand what else would cause this.
  • Hi there i think you should not wait a week go to your local a and e dep and tell them your symptoms and that u r worried. I went there when i had stomach pains they did a scan and told me i was preggers, i had no idea and if the hcg hormone level is not high enuf it wouldnt show on a pregnancy test . I had to wait and have more bloods and it showed 4 weeks later.
    Good luck xxx
  • It's tempting but I don't have any pains or discomfort other than occasional mild cramping and painful breasts so I feel guilty going to a&e. How many weeks were you when you went to a&e?
  • hiya at least you are booked in now somewhere and you can start focusing on that day, i know its going to be a long long week but just think a week today and you will be there, i know there is a place in manchester and stockport scans from 6 weeks but thats maybe a bit too far? and also just thought you might be able to get an appointment sooner xx best of luck
    chloe x
  • Think I was only about 6 weeks. Don't feel guilty laying it on a bit thick, it will give you the answers you need and at the end of the day thats what we all pay our taxes for so go and make use of the NHS. xx
  • onemoremakes4 also makes sense! xxx
  • hi lightweight- i'm sorry to hear that you are in limboland it must be very frustrating. i would definitely go for a private scan if they can't give you one on NHS.
    whatever you do make sure you keep us informed!!
    good luck xx
  • Thanks to all. Fortunately I have a very busy week at work with lots of travelling so hopefully it'll keep my mind off stressing too much. I looked up a few other clinics this morning to try to get an earlier scan but it seems that some specifically do only 20 weeks on and not an early assessment scan and it's not always clear when you go to their websites. It would be quite useful if there was a central database so you can see which clinics do what types of scan without spending hours searching on each site (perhaps there is and I have missed it!). In the meantime, I got measured up at the weekend for two new support bras and I am pleased with my new night ones, they help alot. I can't believe the change over the past 2 months.
    I have to say it's been such a relief to have found this site and be able to chat online about my symptoms and worries. Although my partner is amazingly supportive and lovely (and convinced that I am pregnant despite the test results), we haven't told anyone that we are even trying so I haven't been able to tell anyone up until now about what I'm going through. Thank you eveyone for your input and support. xx
  • Good luck for your scan lightweight, really really hope you are pg and it shows up on the scan. Take it easy this week and try not to worry about it. Sxx
  • I would ring the hospital and ask them where the nearest early pregnancy clinic is. Then I would insist on a full blood test and scan. They should be able to do something. Good luck xx
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