hello girls. I have been staying away trying to sort out my feelings. Honestly they never tell you it will be this hard. I stopped bleeding again over the weekend so that is something positive to concentrate on. H wants to start trying again straight away but I feel really sick about it. I am so scared this will happen all over again. I suppose it is silly really but I have struggled so much over the last week. Anyway I just wanted to thank you all for your kind comments of support they really have meant so much.

I see there have been a few BFP's I have missed so congratulations to those of you who have done it and I hope they are sticky ones!


  • Bless you, we have missed you, but fully understand the need for you to have had some time out. Although I have never been through it myself I can only imagine how difficult it has been for you. My only advice would be to go with your heart.. only you know when you feel ready to try again, I am sure you will always worry but you can only hope and pray that next time you will get a happy and healthy 9 months. Everyone is always here if ever you need to chat. Take care of yourself and mr socks and am sending you lots of good wishes xxx
  • Nice to hear from you - don't think it's silly at all that you've found things hard. It's only natural that you would. Sending you best wishes and hugs. x
  • Been trying to post this for ages, but have been having trouble! Nice to see you socks. If you and your dh continue talking to each other, I hope you can come to a decision. But you shouldn't do anything until you are ready. (((big hug))). xx
  • Hi honey, I have been wondering how you are holding up. It must be so hard I have never been through it so can't say i know how you feel but I am thinking of you and we are all here if you ever want to chat to us.

    You need to TTC again when you feel ready to and if that means waiting for a little bit then i am sure your H will understand babe.

    Your very strong

    k XX


  • Hey sock.....good to see you back.
    I too have never been through what you have had to suffer, I can only imagine how crap it must feel...... but good to see you and H are helping each other through things.
  • hunni only you know when ur ready to ttc again, just go with ur heart and support each other though. Sending hugs and best wishes to u both x x x
  • welcome back, didn't want to r&r. I'm sure when the time is right for you, you will have a really sticky one!

    hugs and pma xxxxx
  • hiya socks!! missed you nice to see you back ((hugs))) x :\)
  • hi socks, nice to hear from you

    what you are feeling is completely natural. you need to take your time to recover physically and mentally and start ttc when you feel ready, however long that may be.

    hope you have lots of support around you - we are all here for you.

    you will never forget your little bean but i promise you it gets easier. buying my little bear really helped me and i give it a hug whenever i am sad (see post in mc forum).

    big hugs hun xxx
  • Nice to see you back xx I thought you may be away longer xx I think you should keep talking to H and only try when you are ready xx It is understandable that you are worried, but just because it happened once does not mean it will happen again. Good luck for the future xx
  • hi so sorry for your loss hunny cant imagine how you feel, we are all here to give you support and hope that when you ready you and oh can look forward. im sure you will get your dream good luck and lots of love xxx
  • Hi socks, I was wondering how you were hun.

    Its totally understandable that you feel scared and nervous at the moment, its still very early days.

    Keep talking to mrsocks, and dont rush into anything until you are ready. Your time will come hun, and altho its normal to worry about it happening again, the chances are that it wont and that you will go on to have a sticky, healthy pg.

    Good luck hunny, look forward to seeing you back here when you are ready.

    Take care. xxx
  • Mrs-e I saw your post in miscarriage support. It made me cry it is such a lovely idea. I have been writing which is helping although my friend says I am not dealing with it. She says I am on autopilot. I didn't think I would be back this quick either Immense but I missed you all! Thanks again for all your support everyone.
  • You're welcome - we are always here xx Well, at some point in the day xx
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