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CD33 of 28 - no af & no BFP! :\(

What on earth is going on?! I've never had a cycle this long (except for the chemical pregnancies - but I'd had a + hpt by now with those).

CD1 was 14/12/09, I didn't use opk's this cycle but I believe I ov'd around 27/12/09 due to cm etc, so going from that I *should* be 19dpo (is that right?) I figured out I should have been due AF on Monday but she is still MIA and no sign of her image

I tested with a superdrug last friday as was out for the evening - was a BFN so I decided to wait for the witch - should have been Monday but was a no show and temps stayed very high (for me anyway - they hit 37.2!!)

Was going to test yesterday (my favourite day is Thursday) but couldn't as DD ill and had no tests in the house :roll:

Had my shopping delivered today and (sorry TMI) I'd saved my FMU from 5.30am. Just took the test - asda's own - and BFN..... Could the length of time between peeing and dipping be a factor or am I clutching at straws here?

Here we go to Limboland - think I've spent more time in no mans land over the past year than I ever have my whole life!!!
image :roll:


  • Must have been something in the water on the 14th!! image Let's keep our fingers crossed that it was a bean sticking thing and they've gone all shy image

    Have you tested Mrs C?
  • hello ladies. Can i join in this topic.
    I had my last AF 15/12/09 and nothing since. My cycle is normally only 21 days so i was actually due on on the 5th!!!
    And nothing!! no sign of a period but lots of BFN.

    I know i can't be pregnant as a test would deffinitely be positive by now surely but whats going on then???? image

    I have NEVER been late-if anything im on time or a day early........feel rather depressed as we'd done everything this time-ovulation sticks and everything and no period but no anything!!
  • Hi ladies,

    what a wich all your AF's are :evil: I'm sorry I can't you any advice, but really hoping it's shy beans for all of you.

  • Hi Lily,

    Im totally in the same boat as you, I was expecting my AF to turn up a few days ago and it didnt, had the signs and nothing, still nothing. Ive tested and got a BFN with a CB TEST and now all my AF symptoms have disappeared.

    Im going to the drs on wednesday coz ive been getting a severe amount of spots so i thought well if im going there anyway ill have a test done at the drs as the CB isnt really sensitive enough.

    I know how you feel, its flipping annoying!

  • Just noticed our dates are almost exact too. image)

    My CD 1 was 11/12/2009 and i ovulated 26/12/2009.

    Fingers crossed for us both!

  • i'm in the same situation as you! normally a 34 day cycle and af was due on wed, tested wed pm and fri am with fmu (cd36) but bfn. It's rubbish.

    I did get some ewcm on the 4th Jan so maybe I ovulated late, how pants xxx
  • guessing is over - the witch arrived on Sunday, giving me a 34 day cycle!! Never had one as long as that before without a chemical pregnancy so I have no clue what my body is up to now :\(

    Onwards to month 13 :roll: who knowa....maybe 13 will be lucky for us? :roll:

    How is everyone else doing??
  • Hi lily,

    SS to hear that the witch got you, i suppose there will be a time that your body will be ready for it.
    Fingers crossed you get your bfp soon.

    Im still hanging on at the mo, as im going to the drs tomorrow, i bought a couple of tests today so i will do 1 this evening and 1 in the morning and whatever the result is, i shall get it confirmed by the dr.
    I did my last test on friday, so going to see what i get this time.

    Im on CD40


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