OH -love them or hate them?

At this exact moment in time - hate them! I've just suggested some bd'ing and it's a no thank you! Well guess what everything is on strike now until I feel like it and that icludes even the washing up!



  • oh taffygirl,
    nasty dh, doesn't he know babys don't come unless you bd! I don't blame you going on strike, think i'd be the same!! Hope you kiss and make up soon.
  • This morning, he's asking "Why am I grumpy?" I've decided not to tell him yet an have left a rather interesting website page on computer - so when he comes on it he'll see it. Men eh - why do we need them again? x
  • Men are so clueless sometimes. My dh often forgets what we've argued about and when i'm mad he doesn't know why, this then makes me even more mad.
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