unfortunatly i'm back!

Hi, i miscarried a couple of weeks ago at 8 weeks. I won't go into detail cos i don't want to scare anyone but if you want to know then i will tell you. I'm ok about it but oh took it worse. It's 'just one of those things'!! It was my first mc and hopefully last, but after having 4 healthy babies how can i complain although it is odd and frustrating cos i got it into my head that we were having another baby.

Hopefully we will try again in a month or so. I need to have af first.

Please don't let this put you off and keep on trying. xx


  • Oh honey i am soooo sorry for your loss. I have never been through it but it must be awful. i am glad to see you will still be trying thoughimage

  • I'm soo sorry to read of your loss & what youre going through. xx
  • i'm sorry to hear your loss. i too will be waiting for my first af before trying again after my erpc last week. i am determined to stay positive about it all although i do miss little bean.

    fingers crossed for a sticky healthy bfp soon for all of us xxx
  • Sorry to hear of your loss hun. You seem to have tons of pma, which is fab. I am ttc again too after mmc 2 weeks ago. as mrs_e says, determined to stay posistive, but will never forget my little bean. I think I am having af already, so am hoping it wont be a long wait!

    Hope your wait is a short one too, (you too mrs_e) and that we all get our sticky bfp's very soon. xxx
  • im sorry to hear this. take care of yourself hun x
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