sorry for the rant!!

had me implant taken out 4 weeks ago now, had an af 2 weeks b4 having it removed so been waiting 6 weeks!! arrgghh!!! i only had bout 4 af's in the 8 months of having it in but just realy want it to arrive so then i no wts goin on in ther!!! has anyone else on here had the implant removed to ttc??



  • I didn't but one of my close friends had hers out in October and is now almost 12 weeks pregnant so it can happen quite quickly.

    Is there any chance you are already pregnant? x
  • Me too!!!! I'm now on day 50 with no period after coming off the pill. Sooooooooo annoying!!!! and no sign of it arriving any time soon. image
  • Aw, don't give up hope if it has only been four weeks from when you had it removed. I would ignore any periods you had while the implant was in as they won't have been 'proper' ones anyway... go from the date you had it removed as that is the point your own hormones will have kicked in.

    I had mine out on Feb 9th and I *think* my first real AF is arriving (well, have had pink spotting on and off today and lots of cramps so am expecting her any moment).

    I really hope I don't sound smug saying "I think mine is almost here" - I truly don't mean it like that! It's just that you won't necessarily have a bleed in the first few weeks, and that that is normal... It can take a while for your body to re-adjust after a total change in hormones.

    Don't forget that normal cycles can often be up to about 35 days long, so if it has been only 4 weeks since removal you may not even be 'due' for a few more days yet.

    When I had the implant I always knew a week or so in advance that AF was coming (due to massive sore (.)(.) and awful PMT) but I have had neither of these this time (thankfully!) so she may just creep up on you when you least expect her, without any advance warning!

    Kernow, I am sorry to hear you have been waiting 50 days for your AF :cry: I saw your other post about confusing HPT results (at least I think it was yours?) and can't offer any advice but big hugs and really hope you get an AF (or preferably BFP!) really soon. xxx
  • Hey Tilty, yep that was me! Had a few positives, loads of negatives, am sure I'm not pregnant but want to get on with ttc - so annoying! Wish I'd never gone on pill now!!!
  • Kernow, that sounds incredibly frustrating and confusing! I really do hope you get some good news soon, either in the form of AF or a BFP. Lots of baby dust / AF dust coming your way. (Sorry for the rather gross concept of 'AF dust' but you know what I mean!) Same to you marie.x. Really hope it's good news soon. xx
  • thanx ladies! still no sign but wil just have to b patient i guess image .. good luck to u both. xx
  • me too! day 40 since coming off the pill! and no sign of af, its driving me up the wall! x
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