My signs and symptoms of my BFP :D

Hi ladies,

These are my symtoms in my 1ww, I didn't really have any during 2ww. Here goes:

* metallic taste - like I'd sucked a dirty penny
* terrible skin
* very sore (.)(.), I have to hold them when I come down stairs even with my bra on :lol:
* feeling very tired from about 2pm
* really bad AF pains, nothing like I've ever had before, it even woke me up twice one night image
* more emotional than normal - I actually cried at Emmerdale last night :lol:
* long thick, although faint, blue vein through my (.)(.) running to my nipple

I think that's all of them


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  • Cool, I will remember those for this time next month. Although I always cry when watching soaps - I cried when Bouncer died!
  • I cried when I had to go to uni it's not awful, I love it...but saying bye to DH was too much
    does that mean I get my BFP on Monday LOL

  • Hi Rainbow,

    If you don't mind me asking - how many times did you BD around your peaks??


  • Chocolate Muffin, of course I don't mind image

    CD7 - first high
    CD8- high - BD :lol:
    CD9 - high - BD :lol:
    CD10 - high
    CD11 - high
    CD12 - high
    CD13 - high
    CD14 - high - BD :lol:
    Cd15 - high
    CD16 - high
    CD17 - First peak - BD am and pm :lol: image
    CD18 - second peak - BD :lol:



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  • he he....that's really helpful - I was worried I hadn't BD enough leading up to my peak, but it looks as though mine is pretty similar to yours.

    Once again I'm so pleased for you. I bet it's so hard to believe right now. You can enjoy Christmas knowing the new year will be a fantastic one........

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