Oh so Emotional


I am currently on CD32 of a 35 day cycle and I have been a bit emotional this week. On Monday my OH told me that one of his work colleague's passed away at the weekend (they turned off his life support). He was only 42 years old and had two children. Now I don't know his colleague, I've never met him, but I got really upset. Then on Tuesday I was driving my car and the song Endless Love came on, I was singing along like you do, then the tears came. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen chatting to OH and I just burst out crying (?!) wailing that I don't think I'm pg. Bearing in mind this is our first month of ttc what do I expect, a bloody miracle! Well, yes actually!! hehe

I have been symptom spotting too and I have been feeling slightly sick in the afternoons/evenings. TMI now - but my no.2s are softer than usual and only go in the morning about the same time, not sure if this is a sympton(?). Although AF due on Saturday I haven't really had bad period pains, just slight aching and no real headaches. Last week had clear white stringy "stuff" for a day or two as well.

I'm too scared to poas as I really wanna be pg but know that I am just going to be so disappointed if it is a BFN. If I do get AF on Saturday I am going out that night so will be drowning my sorrows! I might as well enjoy myself while I can.

Im gonna shut up now because Im just babbling.


  • lol awww bless u for crying teehee. that more man and his children though! its possible u could be pg hun! fingers crossed for u! all for drowning sorrows! but hopefully u wont have too image xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Mrs Me.

    Plucked up the courage to poas this morning but don't think I held it there long enough as indicator line did not appear to say that test had worked. Typical! Will wait and see what Saturday brings me!

  • typical lol. good luck for sat! hopefully u have done it! xxxxx
  • Good luck for the weekend huni xxxx
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