1 DPO anyone want to join me?

Hi all well i ovulated yesteray so today is officially 1 day past ovulation. I wish i was more excited but I feel down. We only BD on Sat am and Tue PM (day I got my first LH surge) and not managed to do anything more (husband has issues re performance)
Im trying so hard to stay positive but I feel so sad i have almost convinced myself as didnt BD enough this wont be the month! image
DH staying positive but I feel like poo
to make matters worse one of the guys at work just announced gf pregnant and werent even trying!
how am I going to last for the next 2 weeks! :cry::cry:


  • Me! Hi there, I'm exactly the same as you, ov yesterday and 1DPO today, how exciting. I think you are completely covered hun with the BD you have done. Just think positive from now on and through the LP.
    When is AF due for you? x
  • Thanks Lisa Marie, its nice to have someone to talk too, from the look of your pic you have a little one - how old?
    Im so panicky not sure if I should be eating this or doing that etc and not sure if you have read my other posts but DH has fertility issues (well he cant ejaculate when he thinks the pressure is on!) x
  • I can imagine it must be tough for a guy, we take that bit for granted don't we? I'm sure you'll be fine hun, fingers crossed for you.
    I have a DD of 3yrs who was unplanned and a DS of 9m who took 5 cycles of TTC. This is my 3rd cycle of TTC my last baby. I personally don't change anything until you get that BFP, otherwise you're always changing your life around, friends start asking questions and before you know it you have piled up even more pressure. If I fancy a glass of wine I have one, you can't live your life with what ifs....just my opinion anyway. x
  • how you feeling Lisamarie? We are 8 days past DPO, any symptoms. Ive had some weird twinges, felt a bit unwell DH really hoping this is it, but I really dont know I hear so much on these websites about ppl convincing themselves they have symptoms they dont! the mind can play serious tricks, x how r u?
  • Hi hun, nothing execpt I've been a bit emotional and had some lower back pain but I've had those before and nothing so who knows.
    Af due Sun so fingers crossed. When are you due/testing? x
  • know how you feel re the emotional stuff, just posted on another thread about feeling sore and possibly like I need a big poo! hahah AF due for me today well my last cycle was 12th April so it should come today - DH wants me to test next Fri 16th what do u think?
  • I personally wouldnt be able to wait that long. If your AF is due today then there is a good chance a BFP would show up. Then again I have no will power what so ever!! LOL.
    I should in theory be waiting until the 19th to test but im in no doubt that i will be POAS from 15th (10dpo).
    Good luck.xxx
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