Postive OPK now what!!

Ok i no the answer is straight forward..

I had a postive on a CBD OPK yesterday, we BD last night but for how it until the smily disappears?

I am so confused!!

Emsie xx


  • Hi pet, it's so bloody confuddling this TTC malarkey isn't it! I generally go by the SMEP (sperm meets egg plan) which says when you get your positive OPK you BD that day, plus the two following days, skip a night then have one last BD.

    I think this is because most women tend to OV a day or two after getting their positive OPK. Hope this helps, now go and pounce on your hubby! :lol:
  • So,

    I need to BD tonight and then on Saturday? i cant tomorrow as i have SIL here...damn her!! i cant believe how many people think you just BD and then wham bham baby arrives in 9months!! lol

  • If only it were that simple! I went to strict catholic schools and I thought that if you so much as sat in a seat after a boy you'd get pregnant!
  • lol!! aww if only it where that simple! We have been trying on and off now since we got married in 2008. really trying for the last 3 months but not getting anywhere
  • Well I'll have my fingers crossed for you this month pet. Have you tried the SMEP at all? It seems to have a high success rate among the ladies on here. xx
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