Newbie needs help!


Have only been ttc for the past 2 months and am new to all the jargon.

Need a bit of help :0)

Think I O'd on Monday, now I have bad tummy cramps on the left side, had the tiniest amount of spotting and my temp has dipped. I'm 100% sure that its way too early for implantation.

:0( really not sure, but I think my body is playing games with me!


  • I agree with Love Within, is there a chance you could of OV earlier?
  • Hi girls

    thank you for replying, I could have OV earlier, my tummy has been cramping on and off for the past week.

    Keeping fingers crossed!

  • Hay i am not much help really but wanted to wish u lots of luck x
  • Thank you!

    I've been reading other posts and I can't believe how lovely everyone is. I'm so glad I found this site.

    Got to get my head around all the scary jargon, have worked out what AF and dpo are, so am getting there!

    I love the whole babydust thing to! Good luck to everyone xxx
  • Hey cass82, just wanted to wish you luck as well, hope you've managed to get your BFP! Here is a link that takes you to a page that lists most of the acronyms and their meanings, should help you : )

    Keep us updated with what happens!!.x.
  • Thanks Tixie85, that explains a lot! I guess I'm now in for the dreaded 2WW! :\(

    Good luck to you too! x
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