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Hi I'm New


I am new just joined today, been married for 9 months, had miscarriage last month, trying to TTC again, bought clearblue ovulation kit today, as since miscarriage periods been all over place, are these kits accurate?


Jayne :\?


  • Hi jayne, welcome to the site,every1s very supportive.
    Sorry for ur recent loss glad ur jumping back in the saddle...litterally!
    I haven't used them but they do seem very accurate from wat i have heard and are always the choice when PG poas.
    Sticky baby dust 4 u.
  • welcome hun iv been trying since july. also had mc in july so desperat to get pregnant again. iv heard clear blue are very good. if ya need any advice about anything we will try and help hun. x good luck
  • Hey there and welcome to the site. Its great on here and you'll soon never be off it.
    I've used clear blue ovulation kit and its good, it does what its supposed to but I've also used the ones you get on Ebay and they'er just as good too.
    Good Luck
  • hi and welcome
    haven't used the clear blue but got my 1st batch of ov sticks from ebay - everyone seems to buy the cheap ones from there!
    as annem said you will soon be addicted to this site, i certainly am can't stop coming on here to find out how everyones doing.
    also you can ask whatever you want and will always get an answer from someone.
    good luck this month xx
  • Hiya

    Im on month 9ttc boohoo had a mc 3months ago. This site is great. I have used clearblue ov sticks very good but i found i was becomming to reliant on them and frustated when i knew i had ov but didnt become pg (but thats only me).

    Welcome to the site nice to meet you and hope to be chatting to you lots.

    Throwing handfuls of babydust to you.

    jen xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Jayne, I have used ovsticks but don't get a sniff of a positive even when I have got preg that month.
    I think they have their place in the TTC process but can become very clinical which not everyone can cope with.
    If you have had a pregnancy then your chances are good for succeeding again soon and hopefully a better outcome next time xx
  • Hi Jayne!!

    Like the others say this site will become your new best friend!! Loads of lovely supportive ladies on here. and from reading other posts it has always sounded like clearblue is the best but that the cheap ebay ones are pretty good too.

    much baby dust xxxxx
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