just asked a Q on webchat!!

Quite excited really!!

Feel like im really trying to get my body healthy for ttc now!!



  • Ooh what did you ask hun, if you dont mind me asking? xx
  • well seeing as im trying to be healthy to help my body and to eventually help a baby i was asking to see if there was anything i can do apart from trying to go organic with lots of things.

    They said that plastic packaging can make nasty things get into your food.

    I really cant give up loads, but i really want to make myself healthy so its just another thing im going to try to take on board.
  • I read on the forum the other day that honey is supposed to be good for ttc so i went out and bought a jar and made my dh eat 2 dessert spoonfuls as a dare, needless to say he will only eat a tiny bit on toast now lol.
  • I read that too!!! i was going to get some too!! great minds... and all that!
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