How on earth do they know???


  • Hey everyone
    I was just doing some googling and I am fascinated by the ladies that just 'know' they have conceived! I just wonder how!!! What feelings did they have? Can people really know the exact time they conceived?!?!?!
  • that does seem strange doesnt it. although my boss's wife told me she knew she had with both her boys. i certainly didnt with my daughter. it was my oh who kept telling me i preg. maybe i will know this time
  • i wonder how people know too. although when i got my BFP in april i was just on PMA overload and was so determined that month. i knew i was ov'ing, we were having fun and BD'ing at the right time, and told myself it had to work. my PMA started to wear off towards date AF was due but then 2 days before BFP i had this overwhelming feeling which lasted about 5 minutes where i suddenly "felt" pregnant and a huge smile came across my face, can't describe it. it soon disappeared as had AF cramps but then AF didn't turn up and got BFP 2 days later.
    am hoping my PMA reserves will build up nicely for a more successful BFP in july! xxx
  • With my 1st I knew I was pg when my af was late but with my 2nd I suspected coz I had extreme tiredness & really sore boobs a week before af was due
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