Hi All

Well I am finally back (with a new user name just in case and friends or family may be lurking on here - lots of pregnant friends currently) after about 18 months of waiting for our time to start trying. We miscarried and decided not to try again until we were married, well that time is almost here and this month we threw caution to the wind and TTC, as the last pregnancy was a bit of a surprise (we were not trying) this whole 2WW thing is new to me and killing me!!! I am due to test on Monday, I don't think we have been lucky this time as I have been ill and stressed with all the wedding stuff but you never know.

How are all you lovely ladies doing and how the h*ll do you get through this 2WW without wanting to test every day!?! :\)



  • Hey Lollipophoney

    Nice to see your back on BE. Im also on my 2ww. 6dpo. I've been ttc for 8 months. This month I've used a cbfm and pre-seed. I have been trying hard not to ss...but I've been feeling very -ropey' on day 3&4po I was very dizzy, sicky, high temperature with cramps. However this has all eased off and im now only feeling a little sicky when I eat, my (.)(.)'s are very heavy and I little tender...but this could be my AF arriving mixed with my IBS??

    Oh I hate this waiting game...im like an emotional roller coaster!!

    How's things going with you?
  • Hi,

    I think everyone does want to test, we just fill our days by being on here, for me that it a LOT, haha.

    I got my first +ve on opk yesterday, so expecting to be going into the 2ww today or tomorrow.

    Good luck for your 2ww. If you find anything to do, please let me know...

    i found this earlier though, might help.


  • hiya, congrats on the wedding, when wwas it? welcome to the crazy world of ttc lol. sorry to hear about ur mc. hopefully u get a nice sticky bean thi time around. good luck xxxxx
  • Hi Ladies

    It really is agony isn't it! I try so much not to SS but I still seem to see/feel them and half the time I think it is just my body manifesting them because I REALLY want it and not because it is really happening.

    It's all very new to me though and our first attempt so not getting hopes up too much.

    Also IF I do get a bfp I have no idea how I am going to hide it from h2b - want to tell him on our wedding day and that is 2 weeks away! image

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