back to planning :(

i'm slightly gutted but hubby and I are putting TTC on hold. We havent been trying long, but at the moment his job is ending and although we are sure he will find something by the time we would have our BFP and a baby, the last few weeks at my work have made me realise I want to change my career before having a baby. at the moment I feel gutted about it but when AF is finished I think its going to hit me hard when we have to be careful.I think whats hardest is I am desperate for a family and originally hubby didnt want to try yet, but he changed his mind, and now hes confident he will find a job and should keep trying but understands I want a new job.... ARGH!


  • I believe everything will work out for you, and that things really do happen for reason, even though it sounds like a cliche.
    My husband and I have also decided to stop ttc, because we found ttc stressful, so we're just gonna see what happens. Plus I'm between jobs at mo too!!!!!

    good luck to you, xo

  • good luck to you too. I'm hoping so, we have only been trying two months and I have been so excited about it all, but deep down I know I should do something with my degree before having a family and get job that I would want to go back too. hubby has had some positive news today about a job. ive applied for a job starting sept, although there doesnt seem to much about with the climate. think we will re-look at things in october time maybe.... however would still be very happy if an accident did happen. hubby is adament about me not going back on the pill and I agree, im not good on it x
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