and again...

...the witch got me. As it is her new habit she just looked round the corner overnight and will torture me like that for a couple of nights before staring properly. I have the feeling that I can't do this any more.

Anyway, it is onto month 10 now and I feel so upset. I never believed it would only take one month because all my friends and mum took about 3-5months.

I feel really sick and threw up. Tomorrow will be better but today is so awful and DH at work so not even someone to cuddle.

I feel like such a bitch because when I see other people getting BFPs I mean it when I congratulate them and wish them well but at the same time I am so jealous that it hurts.

This all sounds pathetic I am sure and I am sorry but I had to write it down.



  • aww chick im sorry she got you,i know the way your feeling,i just posted about me being a horrible person in LTTTC after my friend phoned me this morning to tell me shes pregnant

    i no its not loads but heres a BIG HUG xxxxx
  • hun, you're not pathetic- we all feel the same i promise. im on month 8 so know exactly how you feel, im trying to do something positive by looking at my diet and starting to record stuff in a diary now and gonna talk to dh about getting a cbfm. i just feel creating some sort of plan helps me to feel more positive as if im doing something,
    Your pma will return, stay smiling hun x
  • thanks ladies, your replies mean a lot, already feel a bit better.
    Am off to the shops to get lots of chocolate just for today, then tomorrow is back to being healthy

    thanks again xxx
  • hii shuck

    we feel the same way too. I am on month 6 / 7 now. It feels like ages till i'll ever get PG but i hope i get there eventually!!
  • Oh shuck, we don't mind you saying how you feel, I feel exactly the same. Although Im truely happy for everyone getting there bfp's, I start panicing when like this month there are quite a few and I then think statisically if loads if ppl get there's I won't get mine... It sounds insane but ltttc is!!! X
  • Hi, I know how you must feel, we've only just started ttc but having been wanting to start for months now and just been waiting for the right time. Seeing other women pregnant and families out with their babies makes me jealous and I got a little peeved yesterday when my younger sister announced she's pg!

    Good luck for next month!
  • awwww im so sorry shuck! really hoping for you! dont really know what to say, just wanted to give you (((hugs))) xx
  • I feel the same way image Me and my partner have been trying a 12months and if we don't get our BFP this month my doctor wants to start doing tests :-S (which i supose wont be too bad)
    I was watching a programme today and one of the ladies in it was given a baby from a family that couldnt take care of the baby and it just made me cry and think about the fact that i don't have a baby :'(
    Hope you get your BFP soon hun xx
  • ((((hugs)))) and its not pathetic to feel that way, everyone is always happy to hear good news, but I know that I for one am ALWAYS jealous when I hear of a BFP, with close family and friends it feels more like physical torture, and thats when I'm not trying, so I think its just a natural feeling.
    Hope AF stay is short and sweet and this next month is YOUR month! xx
  • guys you are so sweet, I am feeling a lot better. I went shoe shopping image well, that is more expensive than chocolate but better for TTC image
    thanks everybody, you are all brilliant support
  • Shuck image I haven't seen you on here for so long my lovely! Other than the witch getting you how have you been?

    I know it doesn't make you feel any better hearing this but after 17months I didn't think that we would get our BFP but it happened and it will for you too! I am sorry it's taking longer than hoped and hope that I see your BFP post soon.

    Lots of hugs and babydust. BroodyBeth xxx
  • you're not pathetic hun, you're human!

    sending you hugs xxx
  • you're not pathetic hun, you're human!

    sending you hugs xxx
  • Beth, hun, so great to speak to you again. I have been trying to find you on other forums but you changed name(obviously). And I haven't been on that much for a while.
    How are you doing? I absolutely LOVE the scan pic!!!! How is your pregnancy going? Am still so excited for you image and I do think about you when I get down cos I know it took you much longer too and now you are with your lil bean image
  • Oh Shuck thats made me feel all tearful hun. I'm good and pregnancy is harder than I thought it would be but still loving every minute. Found out last week we are having a little girlie and I'm 18 weeks now. Seems like only 5mins ago I was posting my BFP!

    I always come into TTC to have a nosey and see how everyone is getting on and last night was 1st time I have seen a post from you since Jan/Feb time.

    I really want to see your BFP soon babe, treat yourself now the cow has got you then in a week or so enjoy some special time with your OH image

    I would never have thought it when I was having a bad month but the waiting is all worth it and you will be a fab mummy xx
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