first response..........

hi girls........

i been out and brought first response early test as they say u can test 6days prior 2 period and they were BOGOF lol.......does anyone know how sensitive they r??? and if they r any good???

thanks xx


  • Hello
    I don't know from personal experience but I have been told that they are the most sensitive.

    I think this is both good and bad - good because you could ge your bfp quicker but also bad because it makes us test sooner! lol Somtimes we need to wait and testing too soon means you could get bfn when in fact you would get a bfp in another week.

    Also this I think means that chemical pg can show up on these when the hcg level wouldn't be enough on a less sensitive test.

    I think this is how it is but I'm sure someone will correct me if wrong.
  • I got this at 9DPO

    Robin81 is right though. The longer you wait the better as you rin a risk of a chemical preg which otherwise you might not have known about.
  • oh thts a clear result hun....congrats! x
  • Thanks hols but that test was taken in March and I had MMC in May. Im back in here with you guys for a while ;\)
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