Bit confused...

Ok, so AF is now 6 days late. I am always on time and have a 28 day cycle. Tested today and got BFN. Will test again mid week if AF hasn't arrived...but how do I give it before I start to worry where it has gone?? Soooo frustrating!


  • Hi hun

    So sorry to hear your body is messing you around, do you know when you ov, it can be anything up to 23dpo for a BFP to show.

    Fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Still nothing today.

    Have no idea what is going on lol!
  • Hi JFP
    MPP and I are in the same boat as you. I'm 6 days late with BFN's so far. Thought AF was on her way yesterday as I got some brown mucus - but it seems to have gone again today.

    It's a bit frustrating, I'm pretty sure I'll get AF soon - but keep hoping it'll be a BFP - OH has decided I can't be PG and is trying to feed me wine tonight.
    Just want to know either way really!

    Good luck - hope you have a shy bean on her way
  • Thanks chocloateteabag. I think if AF is coming I'd rather it did. I am paranoid that I keep going for a wee to check! I have had nothing to indicate AF is coming but have had symptoms like I had when pregnant with my little girl. So still confused!
    Let me know how you get on hopefully you will have a shy bean! x
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