Can't believe it image woke up today feeling a wee bit queasy so optimistic that maybe this was a symptom- AF due tomorrow, go to the loo and there she is! a day early! I'm a bit gutted, I know its only our first month but the disappointment is huge... OH doesnt seem that bothered/surprised, he seems convinced that it will take longer than I think...

I have know idea how the long term ttc'ers keep up the PMA, i'm struggling after month 1!

So, CD1 here we go again....



  • Sorry ;( (((HUGS)))
    I know how you must feel, well most ladies on here do.
    CD1 is worst, it gets easier as you start progressing towards next month.
    My oh was opossite, he said he thought max 3 months, we are now month 6!
    Yes men! lol
    Good luck!
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