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ebay ovulation sticks!

Hey girls have decided to stop moping and start planning next month!! Have been on ebay for ov sticks as they seem alot cheaper than the shops...was wondering though if anyone has used them and got positive results? Just worried about the saying buy cheap get cheap!!!! and that they wont even give me a positive!!! Thanks girls xxx kim xxx


  • Hi woomummy! I've used these for months and they do work! Used them to see when I was ovulating (when we were'nt trying) and have used them this month (now we are trying). I got mine from 'fertility plan' on ebay. I think they were about 5quid for 25 so a real bargain! I knew I was ovulating when using them coz about a day or so after I got a 'surge', I get ov pains so they do work. Now all I need is a BFP!
    Sarah x x x x
  • aaah good news then!!! Hopefully ul get ur bfp this month hun, will have my fingers crossed for u!!! I think il give them a go then as the ones in the shops are ??20 for 7, rip off!!! xxx kim xxx
  • Good luck for nxt month Kim! You Hubby aint gonna know whats hit him when he gets home! image
    Glad your feeling more possitive today! Hoping the nxt month flys by for you! Sarah x x x x
  • Bought some ov sticks off e bay in mutiples but they have not yet worked. Tested at same time with clearblue ov stick and got positive(also cm was ok,sorry if tmi) but cheap one showed nada. Be careful when choosing. Luck and baby dust x Filo
  • Hiya
    I bought some ovulation sticks of e-bay and tried couple or three times and they have come back negative. The last one I tried was apparently in my most fertile time (i.e. 14 days from start of my period). We have only been trying for 2 months but im a bit worried now! I was just trying to go with the flow but now getting bit stressed!!
  • Hi Kim
    Great news that your tests have come back so well, that's excellent news!!! As for cheap ebay strips, i'm sith filo i'm afraid. Like Sarah above (although she did get positives) i bought some strips from fertility plan and when i got negative three months on the trot, i decided to get some Clearblue Digital and used them at the same time as the cheap strips. For three months on the trot, i got a smiley face on Clearblue and negative on the cheap strips! I personally think they are rubbish and dont use them anymore. I have heard similar stories. So, sticking to the clearblue digital which can also buy much cheaper on ebay. make sure you buy the sealed ones though if you take that route.
    Good luck hun, fingers crossed for all ttc. lots of love, bluebird xxxx
    PS Have you nobbled the sister in law yet? lol xxxx
  • Im the same as the girls above....didnt get postive...... but!!!! i figured when i did OV id ran out of sticks! HA HA! Got really obssesed with POAS - any stick! at one point tee hee... so id say go for it - buy them! im trialing mine again for November time so hopefully will get positive results with them

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