Double post

Feeling a bit shitty today image

got some hospital results today, from the
biopsy I has taken two weeks ago.

I'm having a op in two weeks to remove
some of my cervix. They found aggressive
cells on my whole cervix and they said if
I don't get the op I will have cancer image

And too make matters worse af is m.I.a,
don't think I'm preg as we has sex ten days before
my peak day and I can't get preg as I can't be
treated, so we haven't done it all month!

No need to reply just feeling very sorry for myself image

hate my body!!!!


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  • Hi Hunny

    I had these cells on my cervix too. They are very treatable, so try and stay calm. I had CIN 2/3 on my cervix. I chose to stay awake - and they injected the stuff to numb the area, (this hurts alot - but only for 1 second) and then no pain. They then scooped the cells away and that was that ! Had 3 smears since then and they are all normal.

    Remember, pre cancerous cells on the cervix take YEARS to develop into any form of Cancer - so pls dont worry xxxx
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