very confused whats new.

hi ladys well 3 days late now took cheap poundland test yesterday was negative was little disapointed as id got my hopes up naughty me i should know better anyway iv had lot of watery lotion type cm today sorry tmi also bad headach all day and feeling lil sick but no sore boobies which iv had with my previous 3 pregnancys just so confused now weather i am pregnant or not i wanted get cbd today as they was doing two for 10.52p give or take few pence but partner said dont bother its waste money only gonna come up neg arrrh insensitive pig lol. what you girls think of my symptoms. x


  • oh also had bad outbreak of spots but that could be related to pregnancy or af.
  • Argh crystal, it could go either way at this point. Hope its a BFP. I don't think CBD are as sensitive as other tests on the market but you could try one in a day or two. Good luck.
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