So I am due to OV a week today. But yesterday a had some OV pains and today i have ewcm. Haven't started using OPKs yet as it recommended to start using them on CD18 (Tue.) Am going to use OPK this afternoon but just waiting for my wee to undilute itself lol.

Those who know when they OV how soon before OV do you get ewcm??


  • Thanks. So would you start BDing now? and keep it up for a few days?
  • i normally get it atthe same time as my positive opk so i'd get testing/bding just incase! how long are your cycles normally?
  • Hi hun, I have been using OPK's last few days and not got same line yet, however, I have alot of cm when I go to the toilet a creamy yellow colour? what do you reckon that could be?

    I think I should have just calculated my first bleed 21st as af and if thats right then am due ov MON but if am not ovulating then I need to go by af 26th then am not due ov till around same time as you.

    What day did you class as CD1, my af was due 21st and then appeared heavier on 26th. I done a test at 28dpo just incase and still got BFN.

    Feel like am wasting OPK's but if I dont use one then feel like I will miss OV and have to wait till next cycle!!

  • Hey bit of an update. Did an OPK and I THINK the line was the same darkness. If it wasn't it was certianly very v ery close so BDd this afternoon followed by a romantic afternoon nap haha. Gonna try again tonight, tomorrow and then hubby on lates mon, tue and wed but hopefulyl if he has enough energy we will try at some point those days too.
    Normalyl have a 35 day cycle - had 40 day last month tho. CD1 was 26th Dec. Due to OV nxt Sat but would appear it is comin early!
    Fingers crossed i those little sperm get to my egg at the right time!!
    Come on sperm! You can do it!
  • Yey come on sperm LMAO lol we can both do it!! Would be good to both get our BFP's together on same day he he!!

    What else are you doing then? am not using any preseed or anything just regular BDing. I am going to try and put my legs up in the air when am OV tho!!

    Yeah I was CD1 on 26th too so am due OV same time, I too have a 35 day cycle but last month it was 40!!

    I think the bleeding and brown spotting I had could have been af spotting? Am def getting to know my body a bit better through all this!!

  • Hi there

    Could I just ask what preseed is please?

    Thank you

    V image
  • Hi

    It helps the swimmers along lol but I dont use it think its called zestica spray. We haven't got that far yet!

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