I always wanted to be a man....

Don't worry this isn't going to be a confession of an impending sex change but after looking at the pics on the cervix website and after a discussion with woomummy is it just me or does the cervix look like....for want of a better term the BELL END OF A PENIS?!

So in fact after all these yrs of arguing whether men or women are superior it is in fact the woman cause not only do we have to put up with all the trappings of a female productive system but we too have a penis we just don't have to worry about not being able to get it up!!!!

Enjoy ur day ladies!!!


  • LOL Lilac*!!!!!!! That's brightened up my day!!!! Will tell dh later and see what he thinks?!?!?!?!xxx
  • image :lol: excellent though Jenna - just goes to show how superior us girlie's are... image

    made my day that one!!
  • am still uttertly stunned about how those photos were taken....... and the comments underneath 'i'm feeling very sexual today' in combo with the fleshy photos just made me want to hurl......
    Really TMI... think I would have totally put the mockers on BD if Mr Jenko has seen photos like that
  • ur probably right SB i guess we do need to get it up! lol!!
    See that just makes our job as women even harder!!!!
  • So glad u posted that hun, u had me in stitches last night!! xxxx
  • he he.... Lillac you took the words right out of my mouth.

    I did wonder if I was the only one who thought that is what those pics looked like
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