Well i tested this morning...

hi girls,

well im 11dpo today and i caved and tested this morning at 2.30am! using my sainsbury own test...and after a couple of minutes a second line appeared, extremely faint but i cant decided if its an evap or not? i kind of looks pinky/grey??? so i test again with the same brand at 8.15 this morning (i hadnt wee'd since the test i took at 2.30am) and got the same thing....what do you think? i also used a cheapy ebay test at 2.30 and no hint of a second line at all...im confused!

ashy xx:roll:


  • sounds good to me! u may be testing a bit early, but i think u may of done it! test again 2moro or sun with fmu and good luck xxxxxx
  • ohhh sounds positive to me chick!...if you done 2 sainsburys ones..i never ever seen a line on one of those for me!...i think the ebay ones are prone to evaps but dont no about any others....congrats maybe coming ur way soonies image xx
  • sounds promising, you might just have to wait a couple of days and find out.

    This happened to me on Wednesday with a SD test, I re-tested today and while it still started out faint, after 5/6 mins there was a definite pink line image

    Good Luck!
  • thanks, fingers crossed, i will test again tomorrow i think, need to go and buy more tests lol!

    mrsmquillan. congratulations to you!!!!! how many dpo are you? which brand test did you use?

    ashy xx
  • Asda tests are really sensitive, I would wait until you are 14 dpo and test again. Sounds very very promising tho!
    Good luck xxxxx
  • oooh how exciting, i would be tempted to get a digi to do at the weekend, they are on offer in tesco!
  • i have to try not to get excited...im going asda tomorrow, so might buy there own brand test, and may get a digital aswell...oh has no idea iv been testing for days, he is not expecting me to be preg as we only bd once!

    ashy x
  • sounds promising hun! Let us know how you get on image x
  • Hi ashy

    No idea what dpo I am as i didn't keep track, just forced my poor hubby to bd every other day lol

    I used superdrug, I don't quite believe it yet, I still keep thinking the line was really faint to begin with but after 5/6 mins it was a def pink line. Thats not too long is it?
  • Ooooo sounds good huni....keep us posted xxxx
  • mrsmcquillan, 5-6 mins isnt too long, on the instructions it should say not to read results after 10-15 mins, so 5-6mins is fine!!!!! im getting a bit excited, i should try not to, i dont want to be disappointed..

    ashy x
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