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PCOS and CLOMID, please help!!!

Is there anybody here that has PCOS and is on clomid?? Its just I am on 1st month of clomid and was expecting AF anyday now as the doc said i should have roughly 28 day cycle (Im on CD 31 today!!!) but it hasn't show!! I had really long cycles before the clomid last one was 4 months. I just wandered if anyone else had really long cycles before taking the clomid and what their cycles were like whilst on clomid?? xxx


  • Hi sweetie, have you tried posting this on the long term and infertility forum? Im not sure if anyone there is on clomid with pcos, but if so Im sure they will be there and happy to help. If your gp was saying your cycle should be 28 days, then maybe you should make an appt to see him? By monday it will be cd33, so a reasonable querie! good luck chick x
  • Oh thank the lord there's someone else on here on clomid... this was my first cycle on clomid, i dont have PCOD i am early perimenopausal 36 yo!! my cycle started today (20 days) but i defo ov'd which iv not done since june, i did hav a faint BFP on thurs night and fri morning but fri night BFN an af came today.. wonder if it was a chem pg!! did the Dr tell you the success rate? i got told it was quite high.. have you POAS yet? my leaflet said if your period does'nt come by day 35 to test, and if its not came by day 40 then you have to take 5 days of provera.. please keep in touch with me your my only clomid buddy xxx

    ps how many months did you get?
  • Hi. I didnt want to r&r but i take clomid but I dont have PCOS. The clomid didnt affect the length of my cycles.
    I also got my BFP on the second course that I took but unfortunately I mc'd last month.
    I have just finished my third course and im waiting for OV.

    Good luck with the clomid and I hope you will get your BFP soon,
  • Oh are you ok baby monkey?? did you have 3 or 6 month doses of clomid? hope you get you get you bfp soon 2 x
  • Im ok thanks pavs. I was put on 50mg of clomid in august of this year. That didnt work so my gp increased it to 100mg for september. This dose worked but like I said, I mc'd 23rd oct.
    Ive just finished my third lot of 100mg and im now im waithing for ov.

    I have got another 2 courses that I can take if the course ive just taken doesnt work.

    So, I guess the answer to your question is I have been given 6 months supply altogether.

    bm xx
  • Thanks for the info, i only got 3 months of 50mg, but had my bloods at 18 days an seemed ok dose for me, but af came at 20 days.. cant say that was early cos my range is 14 days to 34 bloody nitemare.. hope its BFP's for you xx
  • sorry sweetie 123 if i kindo nicked your thread, im just getting so desparate to hear stories like ours.. sorry again santa will be bringing us BFP's for sure... i think yours sounds really poss xx
  • I hope you get your BFP to hun.
    When my gp put me on 100mg, I knew I was OV'g as I could feel it. I was quite painful but its going to be worth it in the end but it didnt mess my cycle up. I was still a 27 day cycle.

  • keep in touch baby monkey! and take care xx
  • Hi, sorry i was watching x factor lol. My GP gave me a 3 month supply of clomid and said if after the 1st month i didn't get BFP or if AF didn't come to go bk 2 her and she will increase the dose but if BFN and AF arrives then the clomid has worked and made me OV and to take the 3 months worth and if no BFP when finished then go bk and get the dose increased.
    But as yet on CD 31 and no AF have done 3 HPT's and all BFN so assuming that I didn't Ov although I thought I did, oh well who know's??!
    It really getting me down though because when i was on the progesterone to bring on a bleed I had to take 2 weeks of it and it really knocked me about and made me feel awful so i can't stand the thought of take another lot of it!!

    Pavs and babymonkey- it's soo nice to speak to somebody else on clomid too!!Some new buddies lol, pleeease keep in touch!!

  • Hi just like to share my story, I have two children 5 and 9, naturally I started trying again 3 years ago, with no success so when to my gp, test came back saying I had one blocked tube, and pcos so with this. He's starting me on 50mg clomid haven't started these yet as I am not due till next month,just wanted to see if anyone else has natural pg then this xx
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