Whos holding my hand for the 2ww..

Im 4dpo today, anyone on the same day???kim xxxxx


  • Hey - im not on the same as you but i did not want to r&r. I will however have my fingers crossed for you x

    I have also thrown some baby dust your way x
  • Hi Woomummy. I'm 2DPO today (I think!) I'm testing next Sunday 11 May I think!
    Joo xxx
  • Ill hold yours if you hold mine!! lol. Im 8dpo and ive stupidly already tested twice and got bfn. What am i like? Im gonna try and hold off from testing till at least 10 or more days po. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let me get my bfp this month. xx
  • Oh Kim me please, af due a week on wednesday 14th but not holding out any hope as have only bd twice this month.

    jen xx
  • Its the quality of bd that counts! lol. xx
  • Oh god i hope so i would do anything for a BFP i would never ask for another thing! promise x
  • Jen im due the 14th 2!!! Yey were in sync lol!!!! I wouldnt worry we only did once around ov time, as i was ill the run up to it and had to jump oh while he had man flu so not holding much hope either...altho its true it only takes once!!! Come here debbie and joo take a hand each, we can find somewhere to hide so the evil witch doent find us, jen knows all the good hiding places !!!! xxxxxxx
  • Well ive tried the cupboard in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and the loft and she found me other months so im reckoning my garden hut there is loads of room for a few more????

  • im with you kim ,same dpo as you, well as of tommorrow i'll be on holiday but im holding hands in my thoughts be bk in 7 days love stace xxx
  • I'll be cheering you on Kim
  • I'm 4dpo today, it's going to be a long wait, can I grab a hand? xxx
  • i'm always holding ur hand!! xxxx
  • Thanks lilac, nothing like a good hand-hold for support xxx
  • While we are all holding hands maybe we could all do a little dance and sing a bfp song!! HE,HE. Well it was just a thought!! Im prepared to give anything a go. xx
  • Hi all,

    Please can i gatecrash.....! I'm 5dpo and am due af on 14th May, but i want to hold on longer before i test........REALLY doubt that i can tho!!

    Good Luck all

  • Oh lots of girlies to hold hands with this month!!!! Everyones welcome, the more the merrier i say!!! xxxxxxx
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