sperm friendly lubricant

hey everyone,

just need a bit of advice please.
i am off out to boots at lunchtime to buy some sperm friendly lube. is this the same thing as pre-seed that you can get online?
there's one in boots (cant remember the name) but it says it helps conception - only versus using non-sperm friendly lube - so is it actually worth it?

also - will it help me in the CM dept? i dont have any (or didnt OV this month!) so wonder if this is going to help me?

thanks! x


  • yeah that should help you then, the ones i always hear about are zestica and preseed, but the boots version would be just the same i assume.

    It only really helps sperm along which i guess is the best thing it could do.
  • thankyou! i will see how it goes then! just so expensive!! x
  • I got some zestica (spray) on amazon for ??9.99 with free p&p, but then again ive ordered a cbfm!! Its not even like ive got more money than sense....i seem to have little of both!!!

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  • Hey hun, I think the Boots one is Sasmar Conceive and I've heard lots of girls say they've used it and it's just as good as preseed. Hope it works for you, good luck!!!.x.
  • ah hah - trixie....thats the one!
    oh good, i am glad its got good reviews, will give it a go and keep my fingers crossed!
  • Hi Livvy

    I used the sasmar conceive plus from boots - mainly because I didn't have time to order anything online before i was going to ov so i thought i'd give it a go ........and i got my bfp! i can't say it was all down to the sasmar as i was also using a cbfm, but it certainly might have helped things along!!

    good luck!
  • I use the zestica spray because its more user friendly image

    havent had a bfp yet tho xxx
  • Hi pet, this is my first month of using pre seed - I like it because you can apply it internally with a little syringe 20-30 min before having hot sex and it means you don't have to break off to apply it half way through!!
    I'm 10DPO so no reports yet as to whether it works or not! xx
  • We've ordered pre-seed to try this month - hope it works! I've read good things about the boots one - worth a try!x
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