Back from hols and full of PMA!

Just got back from two weeks in Spain and for the first time in 6 months did not use OV sticks, did lots of bd'ing just for the fun of it as opposed to it being the right time and haven't POAS'd yet, even though only two days until AF due (I'm normally testing like crazy with the Ebay cheapies from about 1 hour post-ovulation)! Haven't spotted any symptoms but I'm feeling strangely positive. Think I might go and hide in the cupboard for the next few days to avoid the dreaded witch image.

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  • Good luck weegie, lets hope the holiday did you a world of good and you've come back with a BFP. Yay.
  • Oh good luck. Can I join you in the cupboard please? I'll bring a cake?

  • Thanks girls - You can absolutely join me in the cupboard if you have cake - do you have enough to last until Sunday though?
  • I have arrived with the key and padlock to lock you in that cupboard until Sunday night at the earliest!!!

    Lulabellarama has brought you cake and I will sneak you food and drinks under the door! No need for me to be in there with you but will certainly keep watch and beat up the old witch if she comes near you!!


  • Thanks Mrs Hopeful - sorry this month wasn't your month. I'll return the favour next month and use my best karate moves to keep the witch at bay : ).
  • Knock knock... can i come in your cupboard to? i have cakes lol xxx
  • Come on in Steph - the fuller the cupboard, the more likely we are to squash her out!
  • I've just come back from Spain too! Where were you weegie?
    AF found me in Spain though, so hopefully as I kept her pretty busy in a portaloo on the beach(yuk!) she couldn't find you !
    maxi xxx
  • Oh maxi that's not nice! I was in Ibiza - and very lovely it was too - what about you?
  • Oooh i love Ibiza, but i was on the mainland, Alicante and the weather was fab, I can't believe what we've come back to! It rained here ALL day yesterday!
    I thought i'd be able to show off my tan a bit !
    You can put your shorts back on and show off your tan while you hide in the cupboard!!lol
    maxi xxx
  • Oh - I forgot about that - tan might fade in the cupboard. Better take the Fake Bake in with me too!

    Starting to feel a bit moody this afternoon - have cried twice over nothing. Hope it's not the PMT kicking in!
  • lets hope that af got lost and is stranded somewhere in spain. im not due a visit till near the end of the month and am going on holiday to hide from her...hope she doesnt find me!
  • Hi Weegie,
    good to hear you had a great time and got up to lots of bding. I really hope it works wonders for your bfp. When are you due for testing?
  • Hi sevans - how are things with you?? AF is due on Saturday but am not going to test until Monday - sick of wasting money by obsessive testing (well this month anyway as am totally skint after holidays :lol: )
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