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Morning ladies,

I was wonderning if any of you could give me some advice. Unfortunately it seems that I had a Luteal Phase defect as my LP is always less than 10 days - my first cycle off the pill it was 7 days, the second it was 9 days and this month it looks as if it will be 8 days :cry: Do any of you have a LP defect too or have had it? What sort of treatment does it require and is there anything I can do to improve it myself or is it just a job for the doctor? I'm feeling pretty down about it as I know that they say a LP of less than 10 days can't sustain a pregnancy so feel like I'm in limbo now until I can get this sorted.

Thanks for reading.x.


  • I'm not sure Trixie but I would advise you to go to your doctor with your concerns as they can look at your Lutenising hormone amongst other things through blood tests xxx
  • Hey pet, I haven't really got any advice but maybe it's just that your cycle is still settling down. I've read lots of posts from ladies on here who say it can take months to settle into a regular cycle. That said, it wouldn't harm to make an appointment with your GP.
    Fingers crossed for you pet. xx

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  • Thanks Hope. I have made an appointment with the doctor as I thought that was probably the case but just wondered if anyone had any experience of it. Was really hoping that there might be some natural remedies that could help but maybe not. Thanks hun, it's nice to have the support of the girls on here.x.
  • Thanks Mrs Robertson, I hope you're right.x.
  • I have an LP of 10 days so had looked into this a bit, but am by now means an expert! I've heard of people taking vit b (not excatly which vit b it is though so you'll need to check!) to prolong LP. I think doctors give progesterone tabelts or injections to help with short LP as its this that you miss out on with a short LP. best see your doctor and discuss it with them
  • Hi Littleb, thanks for replying. I looked it up after you said that and apparently it's vitamin B6 so I bought some after work today and have taken my first one already. Fingers crossed it might help. Good luck with your LP too although I think 10 is just about ok which is good for you. Thanks again.x.
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