cleaner at oh's work says. . . .

that i'm 4 weeks pregnant & that its going to be twins!!!! (she a clairvoint - sp?)

she told him loads of other stuff some of it complete crap but some was really fitting! so who knows!!!

she doesn't know we're ttc and she only meet oh today! i know its prob nonsince but now i'm thinking about testing, CD30, last mth was 50 day cycle, and i have been having reflexology!!

i don't think i am pregnant, don't feel any difference at all!!!


we're not meant to be trying this mth, so sods law would say that this is our mth!!


  • Don't know what to say but OMG!!! Lets hope she is right xx
  • haha wow!! my mum saw bumped into one just before my wedding 8 wks ago and said to expect twins from me (i am a twin) straight away! no one even knows we're trying but i'm on cd 31and no sign either... ah it's so exciting!! last month was first off pill and six weeks so trying not to get too excited xx pleeeeeease let us know how you get on! twins is soooo exciting!! x
  • Are you going to poas to see if shes right?!?xx
  • yeah go and poas and let us know and if shes right give me her name and number,lol!
  • i'm going to poas tomorrow morning!
    i only ever use FMU, god knows why, not like i've ever had a BFP!! lol!!
    will post as soon as i've done it but not getting my hopes up!!!
  • I want her number too if she is right - lol xx
  • let us know in the morning! ahh good luck!! x
  • will someone keep this bumped for me 2moro because im at work all day and dont want to miss it, espically if she is right! got a pen ready for her number image
  • bump again xx
  • well its a BFN
    which was of no surprise to me!!!
    i do feel kind of stupid for getting my hopes up!
    but no af as yet so i suppose its just a waiting game now till she shows her face!
  • maybe you still are then and it is just too early to show!! Fingers crossed!! xx
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