hi all, well i tried to google this query before i harrassed you lovely girls but it am really confused so if any of you have ever had anything similar ?

still not testing until the 23/24th of this month been really good, but i have now noticed a thick white discharge sorry if tmi its not clear its white its is quite thick doesnt smell no itching nothing like that, now when i tried to find out what it might be, the things i got were std but theres no chance of that at all, thrush but no itching whatsoever and thirdly early pg? just to refresh your memorys i had what could have been af on the 24th june for a day and a half which was brown? and only a slight slight pink staining about a week later only once? , any ideas would be grtatefully appreciated, but i know i aint imagining it unless i am hallucinating now lol !!! maybe just thrush? no itching at all though?

fingers crossed for all this month xxx babydust to all xx


  • Usually thrush would make you itchy or sore or swollen - if you don't have any of this I would suggest it isn't! It can be a pg sign so I would do a test, as you didn't have proper AF in June
  • well i am going to see dr in morn, when i had mc last march after i had recovered i had loads of swabs done to see if i had anything but no nothing, it only appeared today too, no i havent tested either i am scared its going to be bfn again !! xxc
  • Most of the girls on here including me have a milky white discharge, mine started this month around ovulation and hasnt really gone away! Thrush is normally more like cottage chesse (sorry if tmi thats what the canstean leaflets says) I was tested for clamidya before ttc so i know its not that! It could just be early pregnancy! Fingers crossed! xx
  • I can understand that - lets hope the docs get to the bottom of it - let us know xx
  • thank you xxx i will xx
  • i still have that heavy af type feeling as well, and the odd bout of feeling queasy? i might go and do a test i have about a million in the bathroom! but it could still be neg, cant it ? will let you know xx
  • Any news Chloe? Did you do a test?
  • well still not doing a test when i went to dr's she said it was unlikely to be thrush, i explained about junes af being diffrent and she has advised me to test around 23rd july, she also told me it was common for a lot of early pg women to get a thick white dis, as long as it isnt accompanied by itching swollen red sore etc.. i did a swab just to be sure though, will know next week about that, then week after i am testing its driving me so nuts!! xxxxxxx
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