anyone startin their 2 ww from today

hello folks, its a long wait, and i hate the not knowing. it would be great if there woz a test to test straight away but then again life as a women is never easy :lol: !!! if we have each other itl make the wait seem less. good luck to you all and keep us postd image


  • Me, me, me.
    I'm due to ov tomorrow based on my last cycle of 32 days, but I reckon it was yesterday. I'm going to hold out until the 15th to test though. When are you testing?
  • ill be testing in and around the 13 r 14 of july. but it is so hard no to sneek a wee test in b4 that just in case!!!! my sis gettn married da 18 so im really hoping for a double celebration,,, did u use the ov kit ths month?
  • No, I'm only on month two, but I had ov pains yesterday and this morning. Will be bd'ing tonight as well of course.
    Was a bit worried about not having any cm, but I think it's because of my hayfever medication, it dries up all your fluids!
  • i suffer from hayfever also, i have found thes last few weeks quite bad. but im trying to stick it out minus the tabs and stay in doors on v bad days. lots of baby luck to ux
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