hey girls im just wondering what contraception u have all come off and how long for??? xxxxxxxxx


  • i came off of depo about two years ago and it took me a year and a half to get back to normal.

  • I was on microgynon30 for 9years and I went straight back to my normal cycle thankfully xx
  • Wow huni thats so lucky!!

    x x x
  • Hi, I was on Cerazette for 9 years which stopped my periods completely. Thankfully, my cycles returned immediately to between 29-34 days, so I think I've been extremely lucky.
  • i have been on micronor (mini pill) and this is my 1st month so not really sure if im back to normal. have only been on it 6 months and i hated it. would bleed randomly throughout the month with no warnings. but previously had been on marvelon for 16 years came off it and got pregnant within a month or 2, 4 times in all. sadly 2 of them ended in a miscarrariage.
  • I have come off the Pill (Cilest). Came off in Nov last year, my first cycle was 42 days, I was lucky as some ladies on here are waiting months, and I am on CD 23 or something now. Fingers crossed it's a little shorter this cycle x x
  • I came off the CIlest Pill too in November, i had 25 days before first real AF and cycle back to normal at 27 days now. xx
  • Wow Charlie! Glad that your body got back to normal so quickly, there's still hope for me then!! x x
  • I was on the depo injection for about 6 years, come off it about 4 years ago (not to ttc, to avoid any risk of brittle bone disease). I think I must have been lucky cos my cycle went right back to normal the month after the injection wore off.

  • Mini Pill for 6 years, hormone coil for 4 years, condoms for 4 months, first month TTC.

    For the last few months of 2008 and almost all of 2009 I didn't have periods as my BMI was too low... so it'll take me longer to get back to normal fertility I expect.
  • Only ever used condoms.
    Only ever missed 9months of lo was born at 8months, I missed a month and they ahve been regular ever since! Oh and I was breastfeedign our lo for 13 months too. My mum was the same but I havent and never will ask my mum how long it took her to conceive each time!
    Somone told me that this meant I was v. fertile...would be nice if it holds true! This is our first onth of TTC.
  • Im like that Joey-i couldnt ask those questions!!!
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