Got married 22 June and now officially trying for a baby!!!

Hi all

Just thought Id say hello! We got married on 22 June, it was the most amazing day, the best day of my life! Went on honeymoon for 2 weeks, which was fab, got back last Tuesday.

I came off the pill in March, was on Dianette, and we are now trying for a baby! My god it seems so scary now, even though we've been planning this for months and months its a reality now so I feel a bit scared about it all!! Excited too tho!!

Trying not to become too obsessed with it all. Hmmmm I wonder how long that will last!!

Blowing babydust to everyone TTC!
Hel x


  • welcome!
    I got married 01.06.08 and on month 3 of TTC.
    Its very addictive this site, so be warned!
  • Hello and welcome,
    Congratulations on your wedding. I am just going into 2nd month TTC after coming of Dianette 3 months ago. It is all very exciting and nerve racking. I have learnt allot from this forum already and everyone is here with support and great advice when needed.
    Good luck TTC.
  • welcome! Congrats on your wedding! you soon will be addictied to this site! Good luck ttc xxx
  • Hi Hun, welcome to the site. I have been ttc for 2 years, married last May. Everyone on here is lovely, hope you get that all important BFP soon xxx
  • hi and welcome.
    congrats on your wedding. awwwwww i wish i was getting married again, we got married 2 year ago but it was the best wedding even but seems like an eternity ago now. i keep threatening to divorce my hubby so we can marry again. lol. i was even trying to arrange a marriage between hubby's cousin and his partner at the weekend just because i want a wedding to go to. haha. they've been together 18 year i think its about time. i'm working on it. might take some time as his cousin nearly choked on his beer at the suggestion.

    sending lots of babydust for BFP x

  • Welcome, congrats on the wedding and officially TTC. Everyone on here is fab. Be warned though, this site will take over your life and you'll start to discuss intimate bidy functions with faceless strangers (LOL) but apart from that it's great and I wouldn't waste my day at work anyway else.
    There is a thread of abbreviations on here somewhare if you need it.
    Good luck TTC and let's hope you get a sticky BFP soon hun.


    sending you babydust

  • Hi and welcome to the site. Congratulations on your wedding. I'm on the 2ww of month 4 ttc. Fingers crossed for you. xx
  • Hi Hel and welcome to the site and the mad world of ttc. Congratulations on the wedding and i really hope you are not here very long (in the nicest possible way!!). I'm sure you'll fit in just perfectly and get to know us all soon. Take care and good luck. Sx
  • congratulations on the wedding! have a fun time ttc,,,,i add to the warning...this place is very addictive
  • Thanks for all your messages!! Theres loads of good info and topics on here, I can see how it can be come addictive! Hee hee!!
  • Hi Hel1982!
    Welcome to the site!
    Hope you get you bfp soon. I get married in 7 weeks. I can't wait! We've already started ttc. Look forward to chatting! x-x-x
  • congratulations on your wedding and ttc!!!
    me and huby got married on dec 18th 07 and were in 3rd month of ttc, af has just arrived for me so im a grympy cow at the moment but every1 is so super sweet and lovely that its ok to share all your up`s and down`s with us as we understand!!!
    i hope it happens fast for you, we are considering investing in the clear blue fertility moniter at the moment as we are really impatient and want to be pregnant right away!!! and i think ul be addicted to this site v.soon if you arnt already!!!

    good luck and if you ever need a chat just look out for me. xx
  • Ooh lucky you Tibby, my wedding was sooo amazing I wish I could relive the day again! Im sure you will have an amazing time!

    Melissa - whats the clearblue fertility monitor all about? How does it work etc? I am really inpatient too, once I decide to do something I want it straight away! Hubby is the same! I soooo hope it doesnt take too long for our BFP!!

    Also can anyone tell me what ww means i.e. 2ww ??

    Thanks ladies!! xx
  • Hi, It's week wait, 1 week wait/2 week wait until af of better still bfp! xx
  • Congrats on wedding!!

    I got married on 22nd march and would love to do it all over again!

    Hope you get your bfp soon. We were very lucky as by my dates we conceived 2 days after the wedding and only started trying on the wedding night!

    I do know i'm very lucky but i honestly thought it would take longer. I'd only had 4 periods between last august and march and husband had testicular cancer so we had to freeze some just incase!

    Good luck xxx
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