Making a cake

Thats right girls I am going to be making my first ever cake this sunday at the age of 26!!!! I have never in my life made a cake (I can't cook) and I will be making one this sunday a nice lemon one I hope image

k xx

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  • oooooh lovely, i love making cakes!!!! made some 4 b'days etc too that haven't been bad icing too!

    have fun!!! make sure u clean up properly or u'll get ants in thousands!!
  • I am all excited going out tonight to buy all the stuff hee hee. It will just be a simple round lemon cake with lemon topping to start off and then I will see how i go image

    k XX

  • oooh i fancy a homemade cake now, not allowed on strict diet.
    I made my first cake at the beginning of this year and I took a risk but made a marble cake, it was f**king lush even if I do say so myself! hehe
    Then I made a lemon drizzle cake, my god it was gorg totally t in the mouth, im just sorry I didnt start sooner xx

  • I adore baking! Cupcakes seems to be my speciality. I went nuts and bought a tonne of sprinkles!!! If anyone adds me to facebook they will be able to see my creations!!!

    Good luck k-lou!!!

  • oooh there is nothing nicer than homemade cake. i made one for oh's birthday a big choc one with choc icng and choc filling. oh no there goes the diet
  • i am sooo excited hee hee popping to the shops tonight to get some different size tins and i will keep making different ones.

    k xx

  • Whats your name hun I will add you? In face can you add me as I can't use it at work will have to do it when i get home. I am Karen Ellingford and my picture is me in my wedding dress xx

  • k - you can see I have cakes and bread i made on fb too! x
  • Oh really cool will go and have a little look now image

  • sounds like a lovely idea, I want some lemon cake now!!
  • im going to make some choc muffins with my lo on sat ill be the first time ive cooked anything with her helping me cant wait i loved making cakes with my niece
  • Ahh that will be sooo sweet. Well I went shopping last night and got all me bits wish me luck i reckon i will need it i am not very good at all in the kitchen.

    I will make it tonight now not sunday i can't wait that long lol

    k XX

  • My favourite lemon cake recipe is a Nigel Slater one that has ground almonds in it. It's impossible to get wrong and so, so good. Look it up. I've also got an amazing banana cake recipe which is the best cake I have ever eaten, it tastes a bit more like carrot cake than banana though. I'll dig out the recipe tonight if anyone is interested?
  • Oh yeah I would love it, I really want to get into making cakes and at least give them ago image

    k XX

  • I had to give up making cakes so often because I was getting a little chubby hehe. Im on a strict diet at the mo but once Ive reached my target Ill make a cake as a reward. And think I will definatly make cakes and bread again when im pg, i have a really cute pastel coloured with hearts apron I can just imagine myself in that with a big bump! oh its not fair, felicity also has a little apron its pink and says 'mummy's little helper'....sooo sweet x

  • Oooh!! Lulabellarama, my favourite cakes are lemon cakes and banana cakes!! I don't think I have ever properly baked a cake before, not since childhood!!

    I did make scones for the first time a couple of months ago and they were lovely! DH and I had them with really nice strawberry jam and cream. Delicious!!

    If anyone has any easy recipes (and that includes you, Lulabellarama, with the two you said!), can you post them cos I feel like I want to get in on the whole baking thing!!


  • This is the lemon cake recipe
    I'll get the banana one later as I have it written down at home.
  • Great! Thanks lulabellarama! Just need to get myself some tins and stuff!!

  • Oh I am sooo pleased i am not the only one who is getting into this. I am so excited about going home and making my cake tonight LOL i am such a wife!

    K xx
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