Totally off topic, but advice needed please!

Hi, my lo was 3 in january. She has been complaining of a sore lip over the weekend but she bumped her lower lip slightly at nusery on friday. She has also been a little subdued at times over the weekend, I had wondered if she was going to start with chickenpox as some kids at nusery have had it recently. On putting her to bed tonight she said her lip hurt and I said 'no its better now' and she said 'not there' and pointed to her left cheek where there was nothing. She let me look in her mouth and she has a big ulcer. I feel really bad because it must have been bothering her all weekend, which then explains why she has been different. She had a proper cry when I was sympathetic but flatly refused to let me put some bongela on it I even said she could put it on!! She also refused calpol to make it feel less painfull.
She has now gone to sleep and I am wondering what to do about it-I dont like the thought of her suffering with it cos we all know how painful they can be. I have thought I might be able to sneak some bonjela on it whilst shes asleep but would hate her to wake up whilst I'm doing it.
So please has anyone got any suggestions?:\?


  • Hi, I wouldn't try putting it on her cos bonjela stings when you put it on.
    I started with chickenpox in my mouth when i was little, I woke up with a sore mouth and blood all over my front teeth then a couple of days later the spots came.
    I know what you mean though, I can't stop worrying if i think my dd is in pain. She recently bit her cheek inside and it took ages to heal, I put bonjela on it and she really screamed her head off when i did it, then looked at me like i'd done it on purpose. That made me feel even worse!! maxi xxx
  • put some bonjela on it whilst she's asleep babe, onestly put it on when u go up to bed she so wont wake up!!! my lo fell over and cut her chin open so every night wen i went to bed i used to re-do her steri strips she never woke up and was back to normal in no time!!!! our poor babies dont u hate it wen they hurt image
  • Thanks for your advice ladies. I decided to try so went up armed with the bonjela, only for one of the cats to knock something over on the landing as I went in. Lo stirred and had eyes open though she was still asleep just not that deep sleep required to be able to put it on surruptisiously(sp) so I failed. She woke in the night and asked what it was but could not be persuaded to let me put some on. Oh well, at least I tried. Now I know about it shes not having crusty french bread(which she adores) for a few days!!!
    Thanks again, Helen.xx
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