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is it true?

hi everyone iv heard that if you go in labour at certain times ie 2 in morning example. that they send your birthing partner home is this true? i have this fear that when i get pregnant and go into labour that they will send my birthing partners home and il end up giving birth all on my own. i know it wont be for long time yet but its still a fear i have. is this true girls


  • hey!!

    when my mum had my little sister it was at 2am and my dad was allowed to stay with her. I don't think it would be very fair for the person who has been going through the pregnancy with you and has done the anti natal and breathing stuff with you to be sent home. but i suppose it all comes down to different hospitals policies...??
  • Nooooo in most hospitals they def would let your partner stay. It is only if you have AGES to go that they may suggest he goes home for a rest so he is more use when the going gets tough!!
  • thanks girls aint even pregnant and worrying lol. x
  • no but it's stuff you think about isn't it!!! we have to fill our heads with stuff while ttc!! lol!!
  • It is true, there are a lot of hospitals that ask your birthing partner to leave if they think you have a long wait. I got induced on the Monday and never had my little girl until the Wednesday night and my hubby was with me from 8am - 10pm on both Monday and Tuesday and from 6am - 12am on the Wednesday, they never once asked him to leave, but there was a lady next to me and they asked her partner to leave as they said she was going to be there a while. I wouldn't have let hubby go anyway.
  • thanks for putting my mind at rest girls. yeah your right hun i agree with thinking ahead it gets us that bit closer. x
  • I worry about stuff like this too, i hate hospitals they make me nervous and so i would ideally like a home birth (when i eventually get pg) but my husband does not want me to have one. I have been worrying more about my husband being sent home after the birth and being left on my own, im worried i would freak out and discharge myself!
  • thanks hun x x
  • no thats crap hun i went into hosp at 2am we both got sent home and then next time went in an laboured through the night there is no way hubby was going anywere! dont worry its pretty much what you want goes on cmu wards xxx
  • thats put my mind at ease thanks ladies
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