When you came off the pill...

Did you have all your normal signs of coming on when you were due your first real natural bleed?? I took my last pill on the 28th of last month and should be due on next Friday though have no signs at all that I am coming on. I normally get big swollen sore boobs but they are not that sore just my nipples but they have been like that since i OV?

I also have all this new stuff, a little yellow cm and last night blue veins in my boobs though they have gone down now? I had on 5 dpo sharp little pains in my boobs but not had that since. Could this all be me coming off the pill just think it's funny it has only been three weeks?

I don;t think i am preg though as have no other sighs just worried AF will be months now.

k xx


  • I thought your other post said you definitely could tell AF was on the way now?
  • Hi K well as you know I took my last pill around the same time as you and so far I have had no af signs whatsoever, I have had slight pains in my lower stomach off to the side but only when I was ov and now they have stopped! x
  • Thanks Jenny

    Maybe it is just coming off the pill, last night i knew for sure AF was on her way and now this morning after checking my boobs again i am worried its going to be ages.

    K xxx
  • Where you on the pill for a long time? x
  • It would of been two years this may so just under two years. I was always dead on time before the pill though had very bad AF's and bleed heavy for like 7 days xx
  • I'm sure AF will arrive soon, your body's just going through a lot of changes and getting used to life without the pill. Good luck! X x
  • Most women get PMT signs about 3-4 days before coming on, so it's not terribly out of the ordinary not to have any a week before. Just relax.
  • I was on it for just over a year but had the injection before that for a long time so I don't really know what my normal cycle is. It's all a bit hit at miss at the moment isn't it honey? x
  • Yeah just a bit I know my body and always get AF signs a good week before i am due on. Oh well we will have to wait and see.

    Roll on the bank holiday xxx
  • Definately, nice long weekend and i'm going to try not to think about it at all until either af arrives or we test next Friday x
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