Do I, dont I, am I aren't I?????? please help!!!

Hi ladies bear with me but .....
I came off pill at Christmas and my cycles so far have been 35 days, 28 days, I hoped this would also be a 28 day however i'm now on cd 30 and feel really off - as in woke up yesterday with horrible sickness feeling, thats gone today but I not hungry at all. I ve got dull aching pain in lower abd and have had all week. I though i'd ov'd at cd 14-16 like last month but only bd twice due to hubby and I being so knackered with work. but i decided on day 17 to do another opk test as I still had ov symptoms. The test said i was ov'ing so obviously we b'd alot! (sorry tmi) do I wait 14 days from then or test now or just stress not knowing?????????????????


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