Symptoms anyone??

Hi everyone. I thought it might be a good idea to discuss symptoms. I'm having lower cramps, really strange taste in my mouth and really painful nipples. I can't bear them being touched and tops irritate them. I've got no cm but not sure if that's good or bad. I've got pins and needles in my right hand. It's od6 so maybe it's too early and I'm thinking too much about it. I don't want to curse it by talking to my husband about it. Anyone else feeling the same?


  • Hi Laura
    those symptoms sound good-well, you know in what sense I mean it, hope your cramps are getting better
    keeping my fingers crossed that you get BFP this month

    I am 11dpo and constantly knackered, have horrible cramps(for the last 4days), am really bloated, a bit emotional today and my sense of smell is better
    no sore (.)(.) though and no metallic taste...well, I will know on Monday

  • Good luck for you too! I really hope you get your bfp!
  • I've had really bad cramps the past 3 days, feeling dizzy, hotter than usual I am starting 1ww tomorrow but I thought it was too early for symptoms so I am trying not to get my hopes up about getting a bfp...fingers crossed for you all xx
  • DiscoDivaSara, I am having exactly the same symptons as you, I'm 1ww from today!! Fingers crossed for us all xx
  • Hi,
    Any help/ advice please.........
    I am VERY confused????
    I have been off my pill since august and have just been charting my cycles, which have been 40 days (sept) and 38 days (oct) I was expecting this month to be OV'ING around this time and AF to be around the end of the month (hopefully not!)

    This is our first month of ttc, and over the past few days I have been having getting cramps and feeling a bit sicky, and also yesterday after going to the loo when I wiped there was a pinkish discharge?? implantation bleed??
    I already have 2 children and didnt have any implantation bleed with them, but like I say I really dont know whats going on as not really sure when I ov as I havent been testing, just chartting af????
    What do you think???
    Im very confused dont want to get my hopes up but defo feel different?!?!?
    Thanks Ladies
    Lots of luck to you all getting your BFP'S
  • I think the same as you, DiscoDivaSara. I'm wondering if it is too early to feel anything. My AF is due on 21st and my (.)(.) are so unbelievably painful and the veins are now really blue/grey and running down the sides of my torso. Funny taste is still there too with excessive thirst and had terrible backache and cramps last night. I don't remember these symptoms this early last month before my AF and they certainly weren't this extreme. I just know that I should wait for AF to show otherwise I feel there will be disappointment.
  • Hiya all
    I had a few random siypmtoms last month which convinced me I was pregnant. Only after 7 tests and AF did it sink in that no it was another month of BFN. I was gutted.
    Obviously I do really hope all your signs are the good ones and you get your BFP but unfortunately every AF is different esp. if you are coming off the pill - and just try not to get your hopes up!
    Sorry to be a dampener on things!
    Sending baby dust * * * *

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