so i have a rather embarrasing question to ask

is more embarrasing for my OH but it is for me to.....

my OH always used to orgasm when he ejaculated but now he never does, it has been like this through the whole of this cycle, we didnt have sex much the previous month as i was just getting over my mc and operation but since we have started ttc again he just never has orgasm's.
it isnt nice for him and we r both worried that it will affect our chances of bfp too.

i worry that he has gone off me or that i am doing something wrong but he always seems to ejaculate and he says it isnt me.

im so sorry to write this as maybe no1 needs to no but i was wondering if any1 had experianced this issue with their partner and if it turned out to b a medical issue or something??


  • Hi sally (again!)

    I believe that stress can cause this to happen. Is your OH overly worried about anything? Or could he be anxious that, should you get your bfp, you both would have to deal with the heartbreak of mc again? There doesn't seem to be any fertility issues with men not orgasming, as it is the ejacualtion that is needed not the pleasurable feeling.

    I had a quick look on the net and found a link to this form. There are over 100 pages, so seems to be quite a common problem!

    Hope this helps!

  • thanx hun, i asked him if he was scared of me having another mc and he said 'i dont think so' trouble is these things can be in the back of peoples mind and they dont realise it.
    i have a feeling it might have something to do with the bad time we have had.
    i am def gunna go look at that link now thankyou. i no it is his problem but it is important to me because i want him to be able to enjoy ttc as much as he can.
    you no what men are like, they never find advice for themselves!! xx
  • I know exactly what you mean sally men are rubbish when it comes to even admitting there's a problem, and you're partners so really his problem is your problem too!

    I hope you manage to get to the bottom of it. I imagine bd'ing would be quite frustrating for him if not!

    Good luck, and lots of babydust!

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