OMG today might be the day!

so today is CD13... i had a positive ov test last night and i had wierd cramping pains in the morning... almost felt it might have been AF! so i think today is OV... we BD yesterday... but have told hubs today may be the day and will be BDing again in a bit (we've been out alll afternoon!) and tomorrow/tuesday nights!!

fingers crossed... can't beleive i might actually have felt OV this month!!


  • Hi Mrs Beck I done a FR ov test yesterday and I also got two pink lines its great isnt it!! I was gonna leave it to fate but then got the urge to POAS lol!!!

    So we Bd on friday night before I got my positive and we are going to BD tonight and prob tues night because dont want to knacker hubby out he he and good to BD every other night...........really hope we get our xmas wish come true what date are you due to test, I am due to test 22nd Dec xx
  • fingers crossed hun!
  • i want to bd tonight and tomorrow in case ov doesn't happen till then... i might test tomorrow night before i decide if i will bd again on tues... then go back to every other night!!

    it feels like real TTC now, felt like i was playing at it before... i suppose i'll have to put up with a real 2ww this month!!
  • Doesnt sperm last up to 3 days tho hun, oh am confused, good luck hun x
  • i thought 24 hours...
    i read somewhere every other day and then every day around OV... which i think is yesterday... so we BD on the day of ov and on the days either side of OV
  • Hi hun I think its the egg that lasts 24 hours sperm can live inside the body for up to 3 days waiting to fertilise an egg, someone correct me if I am wrong lol as have just started on this baby train ha ha!!

    Its so confusing so am sure we can help each other out, hun you will be due your 2ww then so we can be buddies and wait it out together!!

    I got a + on opk saturday morning, we BD fri night, sun night and this morning woops maybe too much too soon!! am hoping thats been enough to be honest as I think I have ov today.

    Hubby has cottoned on to me and what have tried to do I just said ok yes I am due to ov and if we are trying then you need to oblige he seemed to be more up for it ha ha after I had told him.

    Good luck hun xx
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