just want af now!!!

well day 41 and no af - 2 BFN!!
was 100% sure af was on her way for past two days i've had bad cramps and spots of blood in cm! and now nothing!!!!

i wish my cycle would start to settle down and even out! really don't want another 50 day cycle!!! :cry:


  • It's not over yet hun xx I know a 50 days cycle isn't the best - but that could be your regular cycle? If you have had spots of blood it could be implantation bleeding? I hope you get BFP rather than AF xx
  • hun,its not over until she comes! im hoping for a bpf pos for you instead of af. my friend took 9 tests and was 9 weeks pregnant by the time it showed up on hpt x
  • thanks girls but had a wee bit more spotting so pretty sure af is on her way!
  • Well if shes coming I hope she hurries up so you know where you are.xx
  • well girls af arrived over night!
    so its cd1 for me!
    its agony but i don't mind as i think it means that it was a real cycle and hopefully i did ov this month!
    plus i've started my new job now so we can really go for it this mth!!!
  • hope the new job goes well for you, cycle buddy!
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