CBD says (pic added)

:\) :\) :\)

well i caved this morning and used one of these bad boys, and as the title says 'pregnant 1-2' came up. i was so nervous that i couldnt look, had to get hubbie to do the honours. AF was due yesterday and i had said i would wait till 2moro to do the CBD but i just wanted to see it in black and white. anyway i am over the moon :\) image and now that i have seen the words rather than faint lines it seems so much more real now!!! cant believe my lil baby boy is going to be a big brother image

not sure when we till anyone, i guess we will just wait and see how it goes. ideally i would wait till 12 weeks so fingers crossed the next 8 weeks are uneventful and quick.

thank you to all the girls who have been here the past 5 months and i hopefully will see some familiar faces over in due in january x x


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  • congratulations hunni! Thats what i was like when i saw the words! It made it much more real than the faint lines! Well we can be bump buddies! He he! My lil boy is 3 and we have told him mummys got a baby in her belly, he keeps saying get the baby out! Lol! Orrr heres to a happy and healthy 9 months to us both! See you in dij! X x x
  • Congrats sweetie, see you in dij x x
  • That's great news image Congratulations! Mine went after 24 hours and I'm trying sooo hard not to use the other cos want to wait for a 2-3 or 3+ hehe
  • huge congrats hun
  • Yay, congrats hon!

    Hannah xx
  • thanks girls, have taken a pic of the test so i can keep the words for as long as i need to. do have another 1 to do but will do my very best to week a week or 2 before i do it.

    my baby is almost 1 and we have told him that he is going to be a big brother but to be honest it's a bit over hos head!! lol. my oldest son is 13 and we haven't told him yet. we waited till the 12 week scan last time to tell him and once he did he said 'yeah i guessed you have been throwing up all the time' so will see how things go this time around. will pop in to DIJ though im still nervous!!! think my due date if i was having a 28 day cycle would be 23rd January. but my cycles are a couple of days shorter than the norm so maybe that brings the due date forward a day or 2, anyone know?

  • Whooop! Congrats!! H&H 9 months xxx
  • hi berly congratlations im in DIJ so see you over there my edd is 4th jan i also have a 5 year old i told him last time i was preg and he was so excited but then i mc and he didnt understand so im gonna wait and take him to scan with me i cant wait i really want to tell him because he keeps asking me for a brother or sister like his friends but im sick at the min so i think he mite start guessing lol! i just want the next 5 weeks to hurry

    i also did a cbd and was shocked to see preg 1-2 and then did another a week later and got 2-3 so ive stopped now ha x
  • congrats!! xxx
  • congrats hun heres to a H&H 9 months
  • Congrats Hun! See you in dij!! I got mine today too!!! Not done a cbd though maybe in the week!!! Lol
  • Congratulations! Thats great news - must be lovely to see it written out instead of peering at lines!

  • Congrats hun, have a fab pregnancy

  • super congrats xxxx xxxx
  • Congratulations! What a lovely age gap too! I'm hoping for similiar but am already on month 6 and our ds has just turned 1... x
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