Delayed periods because were TTC?????


Is it possible that we are getting alot of late periods because of the stress of the 2ww? it seems alot of us come on late and get our hopes up because well what else does that mean and then 3 or 4 days later AF arrives, Its just so unfair and makes us all feel so crap, i have vowed to only test once/if im over a week late next time, not only has it cost ??30 in the past month (god know what its cost for some of you guys trying for months and months) it also is so upsetting to c that BFN, good luck any one on there 2ww and try and keep calm and what will be will be, baby dust to every, good luck girlies

Vicki xxxxxxx


  • I wonder this. I also have never known my boobs to hurt so much in the final week of my cycle as they have since ttc so some of it must be in my head!!!
  • i know, i think that, is it our bodies that are trying to mess with our heads, i always was on time and first month of ttc i came on 4 days late!!!! xxxx
  • Stress is a major factor, so you could most definitely be right! xx
  • I agree - and where we are symptom spotting ALL the time - maybe some of it isn't actually happening??!! i am trying not to notice too much this month if I can!! Although I have had cramps for last few days so think I may be OV early and my cycle will be shorter (last one was 40 days!)!! I have been BD just in case !!

  • i think thats the answer baby dance every day that u might need to and then fingers crossed, i think im gonna try and just BD at the right time and then just try and act like normal, symptom spotting and worrying about what yr drinking and eating i think makes the time go so much longer.

    Hope your cycle isn't 40 days again how annoying, were you on the pill or somethign previously? xxx
  • Twizzlepie - at the doctors yesterday he said stress 'couldn't be underestimated as a factor' (although when I pointed out how long it was since my last period he admitted stress wasn't likely to have caused that much delay!).

    Let's all try the early nights, soothing warm baths, lots of exercise and herbal tea route. Deep breaths - and - CONCEIVE!
  • well thats interesting so what did he think it might b then?, Just try and take it easy, how long have you been ttc? xxx
  • Oh he doesn't know! He leans towards being underweight (bmi of 18 though, so not that thin), or just the pill taking a while to get out of my system, or possible thyroid problems.... the list goes on.

    Am going for blood tests on Wednesday. Have only been tcc for a few months so am pleased he took it seriously, to be honest.
  • thats really good that they are looking in to it already what will the blood test tell you? you always here about people not conceiving cos of being over weight never thought about it for people under weight!! god its so hard isnt it!!!, this is only my second month of ttc but because i came on 4 days early in may (2nd instead of the 6th) i think i missed OV so im gonna BD every other day from CD10 this month and see what happens xxxx
  • I think it will tell if I'm ovulating (not at that moment, but at all) and hopefully rule out anything that is obviously stopping it.

    But you're right that I'm lucky to have someone take it seriously so soon.

    Yes - keep BD. It's def the answer!
  • oh thats good, that'll be a relief to know and if yr not then they'll know very soon and be able to do something about it for you xxx
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