hiya, anyone used mooncups before..... ive worked out af is due on my wedding day! ooo noooo! so all day, im gonna be worrying, feel a little trickle, and then go too the loo. lmao. i dont even think my massive dress will fit in a toilet cubicle, let alone my sis aswell, to help me hold it up...pee. then change a tampon in front of her.... o dear! so basically i want to be running to the loo as little as possible. someone has recommened a moon cup. i can put it in before af comes, so if she comes mooncup will cath it, and i wont stain my nice white dress! or pants! hahaha.

so long story short, anyone used one? any leakage? are they comfy? xxxxx


  • i heard that too wanna-bump, i thought the same thing lol, could use it for af on the wedding day, and shove one in after BD on the honeymoon! lol. yeah let me know! thanks hun, anyone else? x
  • I have one of these! I loved it! it took a wee bit of gettig used to and learning to trust it but I absolutely loved it. it felt a lot more hygenic and far less mess. i had quite heavy periods prior to bfp but never had one leak/mishap with it. highly recommend!
  • ooo great! thanks impatient! and congrats xxx
  • Ive never used one but I've heard good stuff, although my friend had one because they are rubber and shes allergic to latex, so thought she'd be ok but turns out she had a reaction ti it. So if you've got allergies they might not be the best, but otherwise all Ive heard is good image xx
  • G/C-ing - I used one as it's also meant to help in ttc, and after 2 months of soley using one (plus towels but no tampons) I did conceive (all in all 15 cycles of trying) so it's worth trying from that aspect too.

    One bit of warning, I find sometimes taking it out can be messy - I've actually spilt a bit on the floor occasionally so please practice before as you don't want a mess on your dress! Apart from that, they'd be fine to use in anticipation of AF and can be left in a bit longer than tampons anyway and as they sit further down haven't ever been linked to tts. Just make sure you practice first and it can be an idea to use a panty liner as I haven't had leakage but sometimes it doesn't fit in quite right or you'll find that a bit 'escapes' when you're changing it! (sorry want to be honest!)x
  • Yes I use one and agree they do take a bit of practice so make sure you get one now. I think they are great and my periods are shorter and pain free since using it. x x
  • hiya there is another one you can buy of the net they are disposeable ones they are called instead cups ives started using them this month for ttc i just wondered how long you leave them in for ?? only gengerallyleave them in over night.
  • lol thanks for the honesty girlies, my wedding is in 16 days... so im thinking maybe i shouldnt get one then? and just get a super dooper tampon instead? do u think this would be ok to do b4 af starts.... just in case i come on half way thru the day... which i usually do? sorry to keep asking so many q's xx
  • G/c but there are tablets you can get from the doctor to delay your period for a few days (Norethisterone) - it might be worth asking about this, I'm sure the GP will be used to prescribing it for this sort of reason, I had it once for a holiday and the GP was fine about it. It's not a contraceptive so won't affect ttc.
  • Hiya *me*,

    Havent seen you around for a while? Wedding sorting? I have heard of mooncup but dont know anything about it.

    Hope all is well :\)

  • hi MPP, yeah i got food poiseneing so was ill, and then coz i was ill had loooooads of wedding stuff to do! ive been so busy! hope ur ok. love ur new pic! haha.

    thanks wanna-bump, didnt know that about tampons....not to sure what would be best to be honest.

    hiya *sunflower81* my mum said to take them tabs too, but im not too sure if i want to take them, as they may mess up my cycle? and theyve only just got back to normal (after 3 months of coming off the pill). so i would like to avoid taking them where possible......

    im thinking mooncup is the best option..... but wont be able to practice with an actual af b4 the wedding... what if i make a mess and splat it everywhere! haha
  • thanks wanna-bump, im thinking of doing pretty much exactly what u said, yeah its a bit full puffy dress, so knowone would see, i spose i should where a pad.... then if i feel af come (lol sorry) then put a tampon in..... if not happy days lol xxxx
  • :lol: Thanks about the pic. It was on some personalised dummy site, Hubby agreed that i could buy it for when we have a boy. Some people would find it rude but i think its funny! hehe

    I hope your loads better :\)

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